VISION MEDICAL在杜塞尔多夫国际医疗展圆满落幕

2019-12-25 14:27:00


2019年1118日, MEDICA 2019德国杜塞尔多夫世界医疗论坛国际展览在德国杜塞尔多夫展览中心开了帷幕珠海明象是其中一个中国医疗企业参加本届展览,本届展览上布置约6平方米的展台,以中国最专业化的内窥镜生产企业形象出现。

On 18th November 2019, the international exhibition of medica 2019 World Medical Forum in Dusseldorf, Germany opened at Dusseldorf Exhibition Center.

ZhuHai Vision is one of the Chinese medical enterprises participating in this exhibition. There are about 6 square meters of booths arranged in this exhibition, which appear as the most professional endoscope manufacturer in China 


本次展览,我们全面展出了各种品种,包括支气管镜、输尿管肾镜、鼻咽喉镜、插管镜,等高新技术产品. 具备手握更加舒适稳定、照明亮度5级自由调节看得更深更细,单手调节白平衡、一键释放简单快捷、无线传送等优点,同时在现场展示了输尿管肾镜系列清新的图像显示。各新老客户都对这此表示极大的兴趣,同时对我司强大的技术开发能力和可靠的质量也给予了充分的肯定,其代表行业发展趋势和技术水平的一系列产品,引起了来自全世界客商的关注和瞩目。

In this exhibition, we have comprehensively exhibited various kinds of high-tech products, including BronchoscopeUreterorenoscopeRhino-LaryngoscopeIntubationscope, with advantages of comfortable and stable hand grip, 5 levels of lighting brightness, free adjustment, deeper and finer viewing, single hand adjustment white balance, one button release, wireless transmission and so on . At the same time, the fresh image display of ureterorenoscope series is displayed on site. All the new and oldclients expressed great interest, at the same time, they gave full affirmation to our strong technology development ability and reliable quality, which represented a series of products of industry development trend and technology level, and attracted the attention and of clients from all over the world.



The bright and beautiful exhibition stand and exquisite high-tech products make Zhuhai Vision endoscope attract many new and old clients and visitors to stop to watch, consult and negotiate.



Through the exhibition, We has more understanding for the European market. For those production from China has caused changes of the world, but we should pay close attention to the trends in Europe, whatever Technology, management, or ideas , at the same time, we should learn on the European market, distribution system, national trade policy, world trade rule , etc and should be familiar with area situation and also market demands.


The Germany MEDICA exhibition in 2019 ends well , thanks for all new and old clients approval and support !